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EA Orc's Leather Pauldron
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Orcish armour isn't always pretty, but it usually always gets the job done. This Orc's Leather Pauldron, however, breaks the mold, because not only does it protect the shoulder, but it also happens to look pretty darn good while doing so, too. This fantasy-styled pauldron takes the shape of a broad leather shoulder protector that has laced ties along the bottom edge, as well as wrapped leather reinforcements along the curve of the pauldron. An upper ridge along the shoulder of the armour serves to help protect the neck, by keeping blows from sliding off onto the neck. The pauldron is only available in one size, although it does come in either black or brown. It is worn via a harness that keeps the pauldron securely on your shoulder, and it can be worn on either your left or your side. It might be named after the orcish people of fantasy, but there's nothing stopping you from wearing this simple yet effective pauldron as an addition to your own tribal or barbarian look, where it will add just the right touch of armour, in just the right spot.

Key Features:
  • Crafted from High Quality Leather
  • A Simple and Rough, Yet Appealing Design
  • Worn Using a Harness on Either the Left or the Right Side
  • Perfect for Orcs, Tribal Warriors, or Barbarians
  • Great for Use in LARP Battles


  • One Size

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