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Epic Effect Stipple Sponge
Epic Armoury

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When applying make up, sometimes it is just as important to have good tools as well as good make up. The Stipple Sponge for Epic Effect Make Up has very broad pores, which makes this sponge the perfect tool to use when creating effects with your colors. Finer pores are typically more desirable when it comes to applying make up in broad strokes, so this black stipple sponge is less for use when it comes to applying large quantities of even, smooth make up and more for use when it comes to creating noticeable effects. This means that when this stipple sponge is paired with a few different colors of Epic Effect Water-Based Make Up, it can be used to create special effects like bruises, injuries, color fades, and more. If you're planning on creating your own make up and want to do more than just spread color, we highly recommend you add this black Stipple Sponge for Epic Effect Make Up to your kit, along with a good, Round Make Up Sponge (MCI-2285) and a few brushes for application and fine detailing.

Key Features:

  • Excellent for Applying Cream or Water-Based Make Up
  • Stippled Sponges are Perfect for Creating Effects, both Small and Large
  • Very Easy to Apply Make Up With and Wash Clean

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