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EA Dark Elven War Club
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Beneath the surface lurks a race of subterranean races that would give lesser men nightmares. This fearful race of evil elves wields some of the most malicious weapons to never see the sun, including instruments like this Dark Elven LARP War Club. This weapon is distinctive in its malicious yet straight-forward style, featuring the bony look and cruel elements that are often found in dark elven style. The weapon is a war club, taking its name and its design from the war clubs of native peoples, featuring a stylized black haft that features a gentle curve near its tip, making it just wide enough for a two-handed grip, yet comfortable enough for a one-handed hold. The LARP club's brutal looking head resembles a jagged length of bone, giving it a series of wicked curves, as well as dark red 'stone' set in the weapon's head to ensure that every swing has appropriate impact. It's lethal look belies its safe nature, as this weapon is made for traditional LARP combat and thus, is safe to swing and use against your fellow LARPers. It is constructed from extremely durable foam that does not shred, which has been sealed within a strong coating of latex. As safety is always a concern in LARP, this weapon also features a round, flexible fiberglass core that bends and flexes.

The weapon has a distinctive, almost bone-like finish to its design, and its haft is dark, although the hue can vary slightly, as weapons are hand-made.

The Dark Elven LARP War Club has an overall length of approximately 27 inches. Please be aware that this measurement can vary slightly from club to club due its method of manufacture.

Latex weapons do need to be maintained to a certain degree. We offer a Maintenance Silicone that can be purchased separately in the LARP Accessories section. We recommend that you use this Silicone on a regular basis. It is an easy, spray on application, and it will keep the coating flexible, which will make the weapon last much longer. The maintenance silicone also protects the coating from drying out, and helps the weapon resist general wear and tear from normal use.


  • Overall Length: 27 inches
  • Club Head Length: 14 inches
  • Club Head Width: 4 inches

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